4 Annuity Types Explained In Layman’s Terms

Want to Learn about Annuities? You came to the right page to learn about annuities. At the end of this article you are going to learn enough about annuities to help you decide if annuities fit in your financial plan or if you should avoid them like the plague. To begin, let’s talk about four annuities READ MORE

Stock Market Trend Changes Can Rip Your Face Off

When stock market trends change, they happen in a hurry leaving mom and pop investors feeling like the town of Havasu would if the Hoover Dam broke. It was February of 2007 and John and Erica were sitting pretty for retirement.  Their house was paid off and their liquid investments were valued near $1,000,000.  The READ MORE

Investment Advice? Here’s 3 Investment Formations to Protect you From Scary Stock Markets-LIKE THIS ONE!

There are many ways to protect your stocks from an unpleasant surprise in the equity and bond markets.  Take this investment advice and LEARN the pros and cons of 3 investment strategies below before making any decisions about your retirement. http://youtu.be/1nggeHElBak 1.) Buy Insurance for your Portfolio When someone buys a house or a car it READ MORE

Independent Review of the Fidelity Freedom Fund 2020

Before we dive into my Independent Review of The Fidelity Freedom Fund 2020………           the world we live in today requires that I bless you with a few legal disclosures… This is an independent review of the fidelity freedom fund 2020, not a recommendation to buy or sell any product.  Fidelity has READ MORE