Stock Market Volatility and Your Money

What should I do with my stock? The past 4 weeks delivered significant fluctuations across financial markets, so what should I do with my stock? Great question, but to help you answer that question you should ask yourself: What else am I invested in? What is the objective of my entire portfolio and where does this stock READ MORE

S&P Futures Trading Halt

Trading Halt Blows Investors Away On February 4th, 2015 I talked about how changes in market trends can rip your face off. Well, today is that smack in the face. Before the market opened to most retail investors, the E mini-futures were halted after falling over 130 points. The SEC created circuit breakers many years ago in an attempt to avoid calamity in the READ MORE

Stock Market Conditions are Choppy

Market Conditions In terms of gains and losses, the U.S. Equity Markets remain relatively stagnant for the year. If you fell asleep in January and woke up today you would not have missed much, yet you would have missed a lot.  The market is moving which is great but the activity has lead no where- READ MORE

Should I Invest In Stocks? Consider These Three Issues Before you Decide!

Should I Invest in Stocks? Do you feel like you missed your chance to participate in one of the largest bull markets in history and have the urge to invest stocks?   Be careful because greed can be a powerful emotion….   Consider these three MAJOR reasons you might want to play defense with your retirement savings READ MORE